Same day Reline

As you age, Not only does your skin change but your jawbone and gum change as well. If you lose your teeth, you will be constantly losing the height of your gum/jawbone for the rest of your life. You will notice your denture is not fitting as well as it was before. This will lead to creating a sore in your mouth. Did you know that constant rubbing/ sore can actually accelerate the shrinkage of your bone? Reline is a simple procedure that fills up all the gaps that have been created over time due to your jaw structure change. This will help minimize the looseness and rubbing.

What to expect on your reline appointment date?

Usually you will be booked for the first in the morning around 9 AM to take a new impression on your current denture

Leaving the dentures for half a day

Dentures are often given back to you the same day before 2 PM (Mostly around lunch time)