Permanent Soft liner

Are you tired of constantly experiencing soreness in your mouth due to a loss of support in your lower jaw? If so, a permanent soft liner may be the solution you need. Soft liners are widely used in the dental industry to provide patients with thin tissues and sharp bony edges with more comfort and a better fit. A permanent soft liner is made from a medical-grade silicone-based material that is bonded to the denture base, replacing 2 to 3 mm of the fitting side of the denture. This creates cushioned contact between the base and your gums, allowing you to eat more challenging types of food without any discomfort. Don't let soreness in your mouth hold you back any longer - consider a permanent soft liner for a more comfortable, pain-free experience.

Soft-Liners are recommended to be relined every 1 year to 2 years because they are more porous (that means more bacteria can adhere to the soft-liner than a regular denture)

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